Let's PARTY!

Each party comes with a tour of the bakery including a brief description of what goes into a bakery, a personalized apron for the birthday child, a TIE-DYED cake for the party, pizza (2 slices per child) and birthday child's name on the display board. The creation we make in the party is the take home gift. Special dietary needs available upon request.

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​​In this party, children will learn how to make a batch of fondant, color and cover a 6 inch cake with fondant. Once everyone's cakes are covered, children will be able to decorate their cakes using the excess fondant, edible paints, edible gems and decorations. Children can choose between chocolate or vanilla cakes. This 6 inch buttercream filled cake serves 5 people. This party is very low key and gives children the opportunity to create their own cake designs.

This party is $45/child and is about 2 hours long. 


Teams go head to head to create 4 cupcakes. In this decorating party, each team will decorate 4 cupcakes according to the theme picked by the birthday child.  1 of the 4 cupcakes will be flavored, determined by the team. The head chef of each team will instruct the children on how accomplish their team-determined "vision" while creating the display for the judges. The judges will be able to pick which team wins for "Best Flavor" and which team wins for "Best Presentation" .


The party is about 2+ hours long  and $50/child. 


​In this party, children will be guided through a step by step instruction on how to paint a picture onto a cake.  Once the cakes are painted, we will work with fondant to add, ascents and special touches to make the cake painting POP with texture, color and edible decorations. Each child will take home an 8x8 single layer square cake (serving 8). Kids can choose the flavor cake.  We have over 15 pictures your child can choose from, or they can make suggestions (we are open). 


This party $45 per person. This party works best for 3rd grade students or older. 


​In this party everyone will get to decorate their own 3D cakes!  In this party we will work with fondant and buttercream. Children will be guided through a step-by-step process on creating the cake theme BUT they will get to add their own twists and colors.  They will get to add personalized touches to their projects. Some designs include unicorns, owls, monsters, minions, narwhals, robots, and much more. 

This party is $55 per child, this party is 2 1/2 hours long (can be longer if you have more then 10 children).


​Become a Cookie Master!  Children will learn the science behind each ingredient, mixing routine, different cookie bases and perfecting a traditional homemade cookie.  We will make a traditional chocolate chip cookie and a Snickerdoodle cookie. Then the children will be able to invent a cookie with "stuff" in it and they will be able to create cookie with color and extracts. Each child will go home with at least 12 cookies.


This party is $40/child and is 2+ hours long depending on how many children attend.


​In this French inspired party we will learn the 3 simple tricks to perfect the perfect French macaron.  Children will learn the science behind the technique. Then each child will be able to pipe out there cookies, fill their cookies with an assortment of fillings and go home with a box full of cookies. This is NOT a nut friendly party! 

It is $45/child and is about 2+ hours long. 


​Nora's Ovenworks works with scouting organizations to meet your troops/dens goals. We offer all of the parties at discounted rates for all scouts. We will work with you find a program that will teach your scouts the importance of healthy eating and moderation, safety in the kitchen and how to a basic meal cooking. Let me know the patch or badge you are working towards and I will develop a plan for your scouts. 

Every Scout will receive a Nora's Ovenworks patch. 


​Nora's Ovenworks works with Local Chefs to teach and inspire young chefs.  In our Visiting Chef program, we invite Chefs to come teach and meal. We talk about the importance of spices, seasonings, nutrition and moderation. Moderation being the baked goods piece! Then we make and bake a dessert that compliments the meal. This party is $60-$95 per person, depending on the meal. Includes lesson, dinner, dessert and the recipes. 


This is really open to what you and your groups goals are. We do team building activities, we do project cakes, we do cooking classes, and we also offer paint night events. In every event we offer you will go home with dessert, you will have a great time, and you laugh a lot!

These events are totally customizable, the price is depended on the activity. 


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