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My reverence for baking started when I was just a little girl. Every Sunday, I watched my grandmother bake something amazing. Those fond memories of her telling me stories are still triggered by the smell of freshly baked desserts. I loved all the tricks, science, and family history she taught me about each and every recipe. 

In the fall of 2012, when my kids' PTA needed to raise money, I stepped up. I wanted to raise money by running a BIG event. I came up with a community tag sale but needed a little help. A good mom-friend offered to join my crazy venture, but only if I ran a 5K with her. I struck the deal never having run a day in my life. I was terrified but I ran that race. When I crossed the finish line, it was the best feeling in the world (next to my wedding day and childbirth). I was hooked. My friend encouraged me to run a half marathon. I committed to raising $2,500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of my grandmother. LLS is a charity close to my heart. My friend got pregnant, leaving me to train and raise money on my own. Panic set in when I realized I had to raise money on my own. My husband said, "You're a great baker. Bake!" So I did. I raised the money, ran the race, and felt phenomenal. 

Soon, word spread, and I began getting orders. Two on a weekend. Then four. They just kept coming! By spring 2014, I'd made 56 communion cakes from my home kitchen. At that point, my family sat me down for an intervention. "It's time to move on. We want the kitchen back!" They gave me such support and love that I barely felt the swift kick they were actually giving me. 

Thus, the birth of my fourth child: Nora's Ovenworks!

Food is my passion. My heart goes into everything we serve at Nora's Ovenworks. Food binds us together as humans. We all need food. It connects us, tells our stories, lets us explore new paths, and brings us to the table. Plus, we all eat so we should all know how to bake!

At Nora's Ovenworks, all recipes are family recipes or tweaked finds with a little love added and made our own. We use all the freshest ingredients possible. We offer birthday parties, classes, camps and so much more. My grandma shared her passion for baking with me and I love sharing it with any baker willing to learn. 

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