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Fundraising Events

Events are a great way to build relationships with other families in your communities and raise money while doing so. We offer several different events to meet your goals.

We offer Parent Nights Out, Paint Nights, Family Cookie Decorating, and Cookie Game nights!

The Events Work


Paint Nights

Great for Adults 

This event can be held at the bakery for up to 25 people OR it can be held at your local school for up to 100.

You pick the image. They pick the flavor. I guide each person through how to paint one image onto a cake. Then I give you a little fondant (edible playdough) to make your cake pop with texture!

Beautiful Cakes are showcased 

Ugly Cakes are eaten! 

Price ranges based on group size.

Teachers appreciation Cookie

Meet, Greet Decorate

Recruit, Info, Build Community

Nights our with new parents are a great way to build your community.

Decorating cookies and cakes are great icebreakers. 

Bingo Board Cookies - 2023 (3).jpg

Game Nights

Family Nights are Huge Crowd Pleaser

Family nights are tons of fun!

From Family Cookie Decorating to Cookie Game Night

make your fundraising

fun and sweet!

Bingo Board Cookies - 2023 (2).jpg
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