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Fundraising Programs

Food is a great way to support your local community, school, non-profit organization or church.

Nora's Ovenworks is dedicated to working with communities to provide quality products that can be sold as a fundraisers. Food connects us all, in more ways than just around kitchen table.

Help support your local organization by starting a fundraiser today! 

Let's Raise Some Funds

Starting a fundraising program at Nora's Ovenworks is easy to set up. We offer several different programs allowing the organization to pick and chose what will work best for your community. 

1. Pick the items you would like to sell, and how much profit from each item. See the items listed below

2. Delivery! Would you like to distribute the items purchased

OR would you like your community to pick up at the bakery and let us distribute for you.

3. Would you like for us to customize a web page and/or create a flyer designed for your community?

4. It is important to send out reminders about the sell constantly. We can do that for you as well-ask us how!

Each program can be customized to fit your community in items, pricing and delivery. 

Meet The Works

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