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After School Programs

Nora's Ovenworks is currently in 6 local schools providing after school programs for over 200 pre-school, elementary, and middle school students. 

Food is Math, Food is Science, and Food is Art. Food incumbents every sense we have. 

In our afterschool programs we teach kids the art of sculpting, creating creatures, and decorating all while teaching them to use their senses.

We use multiple tools and techniques in class, but mostly our hands, improving fine motor skills.

In our classes we tie in holidays, history, sensory lessons, and much more.

There is always a little Bakery Magic! 

Contact us if you would like for your afterschool program to have a little Bakery Magic!

We are currently booked for the school year of 2022-2023.

Contact us at 203-504-8226 to secure your program for the next school year!

Nora's Ovenworks brings back old school fine motor skills to the school. Creating is a great outlet. Having the ability and knowledge to sculpt and create with very little tools leads to creative reign.  

Creature & Character building


After lessons on how to make, design and create-we put our lessons to work! 

Nailed It Competitions are a great way to let our students shine! Show me what you have learned!

Nailed it (Final exams)

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