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Corporate Events 

Each Corporate event can be customized to fit your needs and goals.

Prices range from $45-$85 per person. The price depends on which item you choose. Large group rates available.  

Nora's Ovenworks offers Corporate Baking Classes and Decorating Classes. Offering time and space away from the office to build relationships while working on individual desserts. These are guided lessons that allow each person to take how their creations. 

Corporate Class

Visiting Chef  (10).JPG

We also offer a more competitive options. Either in a team setting or an individual setting. Each team/person would be giving all the tools and supplies they would need to copy the project assigned. These are timed! They are Judged! And not everyone is a winner.  



Paint Night

Paint Nights are a loads of fun! As a group you pick an image and then we guide you through how to paint that image on a cake. Then we give you a little tutorial on how to work with fondant and let you add ascents to your cake. Pick from 100's of images. Every cake will be different. The best part, you don't have to make room on your wall! 

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